Scalable, Flexible Solutions

Our Network Infrastructure solutions are flexible, providing unmatched scale, performance and feature innovation. We always develop intelligent network platforms with the key aim of simplifying clients’ networks, while providing a more secure architecture. 

Connectivity and Structured cabling

Network cabling solutions need to be installed to precise specifications in order to operate effectively. Our installers hold relevant accreditations and work to exacting standards to ensure your cabling is fit for the task ahead.

  • Structured Cabling Design services.
  • First fixes for various low current systems.
  • Infrastructure and Consulting.
  • AV, surveillance, Power systems cabling and testing.
  • LAN and WAN Copper and Fibber Backbone Cabling.
  • communication\equipment rooms full services including termination, cable management and testing.
  • Infrastructure Testing & Reporting.
  • Complete services for Master site OSP Digging, piping and conduiting as per standards.
  • Maintenance service for network infrastructure.

Datacentre facility Preparation

  • turnkey solutions for data centre preparation, starting from the design of passive infrastructure, power and cooling requirements, and redundancy and scalability sizing, extending to security and access control as well as after sales and maintenance services.
  • Design data centre layouts for maximum space, power and cooling efficiency
  • Proper cooling and monitoring devices for environment
  • Physical and Electronic Security
  • Manage new facility preparation
  • Analyse, troubleshoot and remedy fibre routes to ensure readiness
  • Deploy equipment with complete rack, stack and wire capabilities
  • Splice, install, clean and test fibre connections
  • Perform equipment and patch panel quality audits
  • Document data centre architecture
  • Recapture significant value from decommissioned equipment