Over the past 12 years,  we have been helping ecommerce businesses, across the world,  grow profitably and sustainably by increasing  their website traffic and making them accessible.  

Our Ecommerce Experience

We have designed eCommerce solutions to help businesses increase revenue quickly and effortlessly. We have extensive experience on consulting and managed services projects for an array of businesses. These range  from fast growing startups to the enterprise companies. 

 We approach and implement all the projects uniquely starting by studying and understanding the case of each company. This helps us to provide appropriate solutions for each company.  

 These solutions we offer range from audits and analyses, to large site migration consulting projects, to full-scale digital transformation projects for companies looking to embrace eCommerce within traditional companies

Platform Knowledge

We understand that each business has its own unique combination of needs, budget, and manpower. Understanding these elements can help choosing the right eCommerce platform for your business, which  can be a tricky exercise, simple. 

 With our experience in working with trusted eCommerce platforms we can carefully and diligently help you to choose the best solution for your business that is efficient and professional. 

 We have partnered with a number of  top eCommerce platforms, including Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce –  just to mention a few. We also custom build eCommerce platforms as well.  

 There is a huge variety of eCommerce platform packages from which to choose from and our experience in these platforms allows us to understand what is and is not possible, the solutions and processes that make business sense and options for improving functionality. 

 With our experience working with these different platforms, we promise to build an online store fast and easy for your business. 

Project Types

We work on different types of projects such as consulting, building projects from scratch and more robust in-depth projects. We also solve specific problems and improve specific areas of eCommerce for our clients.  

These are backed up by professional project management initiatives that provide results that match our customers’ expectations. We also offer a range of e-commerce audits, these usually address customer issues or how they relate to their partners. Sometimes, these lead to executive work as we provide open-ended audits. 

We also help customers to integrate their platforms with famous sales platforms  like amazon to increase their sales. On top of this, we study customers’ market conditions and issue reports to help them get in-depth status of their business. 

Our Services in Detail

eCommerce survey

We study your business to find out what matters to your customers, what’s missing or broken and what’s getting in the way of conversions. This helps to make your eCommerce website function better.

This gives us an opportunity to provide appropriate solutions keeping in mind the size of your business. This also help us know programs will be needed to facilitate the sale, delivery process as well as after sales support for your customers.

1- eCommerce business plan and strategy


In order for your business to survive in today’s climate, you need to make your business stand out by implementing an effective company branding strategy.

We can help you establish a strong brand with the right messaging to give your business a competitive edge.

2- Logo design
3- Slogan design
4- Colour ID

Platform Subscription

We have a distinguished group of trusted platforms to suit your business needs. On top of this we have certified professionals for each of these platforms.  

From Magento, Shopify , OpenCart , WooCommerce to BigCommece and many more, we can confidently help you choose the best eCommerce platform for your business. 

5-Ecommerce platform   
6-Content management system  

eCommerce Web Development

As much as it looks easy, eCommerce web development is trickier than it looks. Our goal is to design and develop top-performing websites that are easy to use for your customers and easy for you to maintain.  

We create websites that aesthetically look good, work flawlessly and entice the user to buy and encourage them to come back buy again. 

Whether you want to build your website from scratch or want to revamp or finish your existing website, we can help you to design the perfect eCommerce web solution for you. 

7- eCommerce web development 
8- eCommerce web design 
9- eCommerce platform configuration 
10- Multilingual ecommerce integration 
11- Payment gateway integration 

Product Listing & Inventory Management

Product listing pages play a significant role in influencing buyer’s journey when browsing your products. This section is important as it is a catalogue of your product offering. 

12- Product listing and description  
13- Products photo editing  
14- Store inventory management 

Customer Support

After sale support is as crucial as luring customers to your online shop. You should offer customer service throughout the online shopping experience you offer to improve customer satisfaction. 

You should always be in a position to answer any questions that your customers have when interacting with your website in efforts to make a purchase. This assures them that they are buying from a reputable company. 

15- Configure a customer support system  
16- Outsourcing customer support team  
17- Design the customer support flowchart and lifecycle  
18- Customer experience and behaviour reporting 


Discover your eCommerce potential with our marketing expertise. 

We offer multiple marketing channels, techniques, and touchpoints. These can be offered individually or as a package. These can help you get more people to buy through your website. Through our services you discover new ways to motivate people to purchase and return to your website. 

19- Digital marketing strategy 
20- E-mail marketing 
21- Marketing mentoring and reporting 
22- Marketing automation 
23- KPI setting and analytics  
24- Affiliate marketing 
25- Google AdWords and merchant management 
26- Social media marketing 
27- Graphic designs  
28- SEO consultancy 
29- Retention strategy 
30- Acquisition strategy 

Social Media Management

We offer social media management for those companies who do not have time or the expertise to respond to comments, compile campaigns and create content. 

We deliver customized, flexible social media support and management that keep your followers satisfied while growing your following or social media revenue. 

We create, publish, and analyze content on your behalf. In addition, our social media management offering includes engaging and interacting with social media users. 

 We are here to support you , whatever your business situation.  

31- Facebook management 
32- Instagram management 
33- Twitter management 

Operation Management

To create efficiency within your company, we offer operations management solutions. Our operations management focuses on carefully managing the processes to produce and distribute your products and services to improve your business profitability. 

We help you by managing both the operations process, embracing design, planning, control, performance improvement, and operations strategy, converting these inputs into efficient and effective outputs. 

34- Design stores operation lifecycle  
35- Warehouse and operation automation  

Market Research

It is important to do a market research for your eCommerce business so that you can identify opportunities. 

Our market research  looks at new products in the market and if they are suitable for the market.  We also do some research on your competitors.  

Our solutions also help you to discover your target market and get opinions and feedback from consumers about their interest in your product offerings. 

After a meekest research we provide you with an analysis and reports to help you determine the viability of your business.  

36- Market analysis  
37- Audience reporting  
38- Competitor analysis

Product Sourcing

If you are struggling  to negotiate with your suppliers and dealing we can do this on your behalf.  

We also help you look for new factories using our forwarding centres in the USA, UK, UAE and Singapore. 

39- Product selection  
40- Supplier selection   
41- Product sourcing and purchasing

Fulfilment service

Your customers expect 

We can also help you deliver fast, accurate and reliable order fulfilment to meet your customer expectations no matter where they are. We provide a pick and pack service optimised for your eCommerce business. 

42- Shipping facility  
43- Fulfilment Facility (KSA – UAE – UK – USA)  

M-Middle platforms management

We have an amazing ideas to manage your multiple Amazon, Noon accounts through one listing interface. Easily move listings from one amazon seller account to another. Keep a copy of all your listings across all your accounts forever. Receive amazon messages from multiple accounts in one inbox. 

44-Configure and manage Amazon platform   
45-Configure and manage noon platform   
46-Configure and manage ebay  

Why Technology Flame

In today’ business climate, where efficiency and increased performance you can’t afford miscommunication.   

 As eCommerce experts, we know there’s the right fit of solutions for each individual project. With our experience and our team’s skill set, we can help you find those solutions to increase your eCommerce success. 

Our offerings include finding the best ecommerce solutions to suit your business’ focus. Our aim is to give you the correct end product the first-time around.  


How it Works

Our team of eCommerce experts is able to develop and deliver  an online strategy for your business with your customers needs and your business offering in mind. 

Our goal is to determine how you can attract new customers, sell products to them and keep them coming back for more. 


To deliver a perfect eCommerce project for you takes an experienced specialist, from project managers, developers to data analysts to  innovation experts. 

Project Management

Our streamlined project process has been designed to relieve you from the stress of delivering your eCommerce website. We are able to manage multiple work streams across all areas from strategy, design, development all the way to delivery.  

We also focus on supplier management, budgeting and we adhere to strict timeline reporting and progress iterations.  

We carry the burden of managing the essentials and choosing the right methodology, while pointing out opportunities that will provide true value to your future transactions. 

The eCommerce services we recommend will add a flair and give insight into every stage of your project.