Interactive TV allows the Hospitality Industry (Hotels & Hospitals) the ability to offer specific choice of content to guests. It allows creating and designing customized TV interfaces with Welcoming Guests by name, Live TV Channel viewing, Upselling Hospitality services, Promoting Services, providing general information, promoting third-party services and allowing the management of TVs from a central location.  

With Interactive TV systems, Hotels can create luxury environments with modern in-room entertainment while increase revenue streams. 

Key Features

Customised Ul

The UI can be customised based on your branding needs.

Instant Messaging

Our system lets you to send out instant messages

Dining Menus

No more menu cards set-up a dining menu right in our IPTV system.

Multi Language Support

Our system supports vast range ot foreign languages

Wake Up Alarm

Let’s the guest to set-up a wake up alarm

Directory and Local Information

Provide guests with local intonation about things to do and What to see etc….

Live TV and VOD

We provide Live TV and Video on Demand services

General Info

Inform your guest about Prayer timing, Weather ard Airline Information

PMS Integration

Facilities and Services

Let your guests know about your facilities and services you provide

Welcome Guest Message

Personalised welcome messages

View Bill

Send out the bill right through our IPTV system

Promotions and News Feeds

Push promotions and news feeds

Hotel Information

Provide Information about the hotel

Internet Browsing and YouTube

Let’s your guest browse through the internet

Digital Signage

Major benefits of digital signs over traditional static signs is the fact, that the content can be changed instantly, at any scheduled times, as often as necessary, without effort. Digital signage can be displayed on any size screen, in elevators, in public areas, on totems, on video walls or projectors.  

The content displayed on digital signage screens can range from simple text, images, full-motion video, graphic animations, live TV feeds, webpages, social media, with or without audio. With digital signage hotels can create eye pleasing infotainment solutions and increase revenue streams. 

Key Features

Multi Screen Broadcast

Broadcast content across one or more screens

Create Playlist and Schedule

Create custom playlsts and schedules

Centralised Control

Control screens a centransed location,

Customizable Templates

Customise the as per your needs

Emergency Message Notification

Send out emergency messages


Live TV Feeds. Media, Text, Streaming, Social Media prayer time, Flight and Weather update

preview Content

You are able to preview content and playist with our system

Device Screen

Any type or size of screen


Cloud-based Locally hosted

Monitoring Dashboard

Dashboard to monitor all schedules and playists