Ivan Mijalkovic

Position: Graphic Designer


Ivan Mijalkovikj holds a Bachelor in Architecture from School of Architecture in Belgrade and a Graphic Designer Degree from Higher School of Fine and Applied Arts, Belgrade. He is skilled in Adobe - Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator (CorelDraw) and still learning... For over than 20 years he is working as a freelancer, but he has worked in different advertising firms ( Fast Print, Line of Design, PROarte...) as a design, prepress and copywritter. He also had long-term associates with BOOKSTORE PLATO, Cartoleria PLATO, the Institute for Textbooks, the Belgrade Cultural Center, the French Cultural Center, the Italian Embassy and many other smaller or larger companies. Last few years he works on 99 designs platform as a freelancer on creating a firm(s) identity and currently is working as a Graphic Designer at Eazynet.